Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thomas Day Artifacts

Hailey Allen

Rocking Chair and Footrest
This rocking chair and footrest was designed in the mid 19th century. Materials used to create this piece are mahogany, mahogany veneers, white pine, and upholstering. I chose this piece because I found it interesting that the pieces are made of a heavy wood but is a chair designed for movement.

Centre Table
This table is amazingly beautiful that won the 1857 Best Centre Table design at the state fair in Raleigh, NC. The way he utilized the texture of the wood to create a patter around the table is worth noting. 

Cribs are not something that we normally see when we study architecture and furniture. In the mid 19th century Thomas day designed a crib for a couple’s first child. The amount of craft that Day put into the crib allowed it to hold each of the couples seven children and still appear to be in great condition today.

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