Friday, October 21, 2011

Ideas For the Exhibit

My contribution to the group will be the proposal part of the project.  I will come together with the others members in this area to come up with ideas for that.  My idea for a sign is to possibly have computer screens or small sized televisions placed where the people experiencing this can watch them and they will show various pictures one at a time of all different aspects and things that Day has designed.  This would really give the people a chance to look at all of his work without having to really fight a crowd to move around the whole exhibit.  They would be able to just stop for a minute and watch the slides go by continuously.  This would be good so they are welcome to look at it for a minute or ten or more then they are able to come back to it at a later time to watch the rest of it if they would like to.  This is also a great way to incorporate technology into this so that the people will feel as though it is modern although they are learning about history.  

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