Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thomas Day Artifacts

Anuj Patel

Today, Thomas Day is respected as an important member of the African American community for his outstanding achievements and overall success.  He started out, however, as a free African American furniture designer. 

The first work of his that I will address is the wardrobe, made of poplar and pine with a scroll interior.  I appreciate how the pieces all come together and there is a definite sense of wholeness.  Not only that, but the style is also consistent. 

The second piece I chose was Day’s mahogany side chair for the Poteat family.  This chair I like more than the wardrobe as a finished object.  It has flamboyance which serves to give it interest but it is also not overdone, when compared to some others.  One aspect that I appreciate is how the legs are reminiscent of an old-school klismos. 

The third and final piece of Day’s is his walnut lounge.  What I like about this is that it fits in with the others two pieces of furniture above but is still able to translate into a very modern piece of furniture. 

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