Thursday, October 20, 2011

Personal Ideas for Exhibit

By: Lauren Kaufman

This is the way I feel our Exhibit will be set up and experienced by our viewers. The grey lines along the border stands for a timeline that will completely wrap around the room to give you a visual of his journey as a designer. The red dot symbolizes the beginning of the Exhibit and I figured we could make a copy of the historical sign they have hanging up outside of his business place. The pictures that I placed around near the grey line are photo copies of his furniture that will fit into the timeline. Then the dresser set thats in the middle of the room will be a more interactive piece that you can walk around and actually see in person that we could possibly fill the drawers or set something atop it. Then the mantle in the back center will also be an interactive piece to give you a feel of his actual work inside of a room.

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