Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Contribution

My contribution will be toward the proposal group for our project.  I hope to gather information from the graphics and artifacts group and help to organize it into a solid exhibit of Thomas Day's furniture.  We will be splitting up the pieces of his collection into major sections complemented with a timeline throughout the space that ties in each piece.  For our exhibit we are using both photographic representation and physical representation so I think that it would be very informative and useful to in cooperate our signage with photographic pieces of Thomas Day's furniture.  I think that banner type signage is always helpful and also that the timeline throughout the space would be good to use as a type of way finder throughout our exhibit.
Side Chair Mahogany Veneer by Thomas Day 

Also addition sketches of signage:
 Example of Timeline en cooperated throughout the whole exhibit to help tie in sections.
Image below is a example of floor graphic way finders that play off of Thomas Days curvature styles. 

 Example of hanging banners.

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