Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Precedent Study: Exhibit

The Gate City exhibit in the Greensboro Historical Museum is a very successful one in my opinion.  I think this because as you enter it you naturally go in a clock wise rotation around the large room to each individual smaller rooms around.  With the way that it is set up you basically know exactly where you are supposed to go in order.  With the rooms being aligned this way you can be confident that you do not miss any of them and that you go around to each one viewing everything that is in them.  The main room is like an outdoor park like area with benches, trees and a painted sky above.  All of the "rooms" that are around look as though they are buildings in a city to go with the outdoor theme of the main room.  This is very interesting to me because it appears to be so much like real life.  It was designed very effectively and it really catches my attention.  I think the Gate City exhibit is the most successful one out of all of the exhibits that are in the Greensboro Historical Museum.  I also like how all of the building like rooms are actual businesses that would be present in an actual city.  There is a fire station, hotel, school house, movie theater and a doctors office.

 The General Greene
 The Main room of the Gate City Exhibit
 The School House
The Hotel Lobby

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