Friday, September 30, 2011

Thomas Day Artifacts

Thomas Day was a Free African American furniture maker.
He has a very distinct style that include:
Curves and Scrolls
Expert Veneer Work
Dovetail Joints

An interesting fact about Thomas Day was not only was he a Free African America, but he owned slaves of his own, which was very rare during this time.
The furniture he made was designed for the wealthy.He made several different types of furniture. For example, Chairs, Tables, Pews, Stair Cases,Cabinetry, and more.
At one point in time he was one of the most successful furniture makers in North Carolina.

There is a book written on him and his furniture called The furniture of Thomas Day: A Reevaluation which was written by Jonathan Prown.
There is also an exhibit that displays some of days work which is located in Raleigh North Carolina.

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